MW Don't let your media fade. Go digital!

Keep your memories alive

Some analog media last longer than others, but eventually all organic material (including film, photos and video tape) degenerates and finally disintegrates. Below you'll read more about the benefits of digitization.

Reasons To Go Digital

Once your material is digitized, it's frozen in time. Digital files won't degrade, allowing you to pass on your family archive in good condition for generations of enjoyment. Store an archival-grade back-up in a safe location or ask us to keep a copy of your files to protect your family history from fire, flood or other damage.

Now it's easy to relive good times - just pop in your personalized DVD and enjoy! No more messing with heavy projectors or hauling boxes out of the closet. And our convenient menus with chapters allow you to jump right to the scene you have in mind. If you choose to turn your media into a digital file, simply view your movies or photos right from your computer, tablet or phone. Nothing could be easier!

Once on DVD, you can easily share copies of favorite home movies and photographs with family and friends. Or post your new digital files online for all to enjoy. Make it an annual tradition or gift for someone special!

Digitizing your family memories allows you to organize and combine all of your photos, movies and recordings into one simple digital archive. Imagine all of those boxes of fragile memorabilia condensed onto a few well-organized discs! Overwhelmed by the prospect of organizing or don't know what you have? Come on in for an in-house preview, or let us help with a preview DVD or our full-organizing service.

With digital files, we have the ability to edit your material for any audience. Don't like that parade in the middle of your summer vacation footage? We'll take it out. Want just the highlights? That's doable too. Whether you're the do-it-yourself type or want to take advantage of our professionally trained staff, we'll tailor our service to best meet your needs

Digital technology gives us a range of tools to enhance your material and your final production. Repair & restore aged or damaged photographs; improve the color and brightness of your home movies; clean-up the sound of old records and tapes. For production value, add music, titles & text, special effects and more. Or, for a personal touch, narrate your presentation. With our experience and your creativity, the sky's the limit in creating the digital production you envision.