Enjoy & Preserve Your Home Videos in a Digital Format

We are able to transfer VHS, VHS-C, Beta, Hi8, Video8, 8mm, PAL to NTSC, Digital8, MiniDV, MiniDVD, and Broadcast formats, to all Digital Video formats.

Before they deteriorate, bring us your various video tapes and we'll transfer them to a DVD for you to share with family and friends. We can also give you full-quality, uncompressed digital video files on a hard drive for safe-keeping and future editing.

Enjoy the color, brightness, clarity and perfect audio/video synchronization made possible with our state-of-the-art video equipment and our extensive experience working with all of the video formats.

Say goodbye to fast-forwarding and rewinding with our custom menus. Ask us to edit your footage to create the final production you envision or do-it-yourself at home with full-quality editable files.

Video Pricing

Playable DVDs
Single Tape DVD $39.95/DVD

10% Discount over 5 DVDs

Add more tapes to any one DVD $19.95/tape, 2+ = $14.95/tape

Add a custom menu (6 chapters) $14.95

Add MP4 files to your order $14.95/hour of footage

MP4 files to client hard drive (no playable DVDs)
Capture and file transfer $19.95/hour of footage

10% Discount over 10 hours

Complete Pricing and Packages PDF

What's Included

  • Meeting with you to discuss the details of your project. If you've mailed your material, we'll call you for details.
  • Capturing or downloading your video footage beginning to end using state-of-the-art video transfer equipment and software.*
  • Providing either AVI, MOV or MP4 files on your hard drive or playable DVDs.

    • Your footage playing beginning to end, unedited
    • Chapter markers every 5 minutes so you can easily jump ahead
    • Designing artwork for your disc and case label with a photo you provide or a frame shot from your video, and a title and subtitle of your choice
    • One original copy of your project on DVD

    * Additional charges may apply for: tape repair ($90/hour of editing time), converting digital video files to a workable format ($7.50/30 files), finalizing MiniDVDs ($4.50/disc), troubleshooting bad media, PAL conversion $14.95/hour of footage.

    Your original materials are returned to you with your finished product. All work is done by our professionally trained staff in our studio, and the originals do not leave our site.

    Formats We Accept

    • VHS
    • VHS-C
    • S-VHS
    • Beta
    • Hi8
    • Video8
    • 8mm
    • Digital8
    • MiniDV
    • MiniDVD
    • All Digital Video formats from any digital video camera
    • PAL to NTSC
    • Broadcast formats

    Preparing Your Material

    1. Number the tapes if there is a specific order you'd like your tapes to be in on your DVD(s). We can put each tape on a separate DVD or combine as tapes fit together naturally. We will put up to 2 hours of video on a DVD.
    2. Select a title for your DVD(s). "Richard's Family Memories", "Smith Home Videos: 1984-1995" are a couple of examples. Short tape titles (5-7 words) can be included on the back cover for no additional charge.
    3. Select a picture for the cover and disc if you’d like a still photo on the label. Alternatively, select a frame shot from your videos or ask us to find a nice frame shot for you.
    4. Decide on options to edit and/or enhance your videos.
    5. Think about how many copies you'll need. We recommend purchasing an archive copy on Gold DVD that can be stored for safe keeping.
    6. Call us, visit our stores in Boulder or Lone Tree, or click here to order by mail/online.

    Video Additional Options

    With our experience and your creativity, the sky's the limit in creating the production you envision. We can organize, edit or enhance your collection of video memories, and offer several options that make it easy to share and enjoy your videos.


    Enhance your video experience by improving the picture, or adding menus, music, text, and more...

  • Exposure Correction- We can lighten or darken footage, revealing details you've never seen. View the difference here.
  • Color correction- If needed, your original video color can be optimized.Read why our image correction is superior to what other companies offer.
  • Custom Cover Artwork- Have a special cover in mind? We'll design it.

  • Most professional imaging and audio work is billed at $90.00/hour of editing time.

    • Menus- Say goodbye to fast-forwarding and rewinding to hunt for your favorite scene. With our custom menus, you can easily jump from a child's first steps to their graduation with the press of a button. A menu is a navigation tool at the beginning of your DVD that lets you jump right to the start of each chapter. The chapters are also listed as a table of contents on the back cover of the disc case (there is no text in the footage).
      • "Press Play" Menu Screen- Add a landing screen so your video starts when you're ready. $9.95
      • Basic Menu- Press play to watch your video straight through, or navigate by chapter to specific footage. Included are up to 6 chapters with short titles at the beginning of tapes or at a specified time code (price does not include client workstation time to identify time codes.) Basic 6-Chapter Menu $14.95, Add'l chapters just $2.95/chapter
      • Enhanced Custom Menu- Thinking about a Hollywood-style DVD menu? We can do it- chapter marks at scene changes, moving picture background, audio and more. $90.00/hour editing time

      Not sure what to title your videos or where to place chapters? Use our preview option to review your footage and determine how to title/place chapters.

    • Preview Onsite- Preview your footage onsite using our client workstation. Our editing software makes it quick and easy to review your footage. First hour $29.95. Additional hours 14.95 each.
    • Music- Enhance your videos with:
      • Music from our extensive royalty-free library. $14.95/hour
      • Music from your original retail CDs. $9.95/song
      • Music purchased for you online. $12.95/song
      • Don't know what music would suit your production? We can select and recommend songs. $90/hour of search time
    • Title Screens or Text- Introduce video segments with title screens, add closing words at the end of your production, or highlight details in the images with text subtly placed over the footage. And, just like a Hollywood movie, we can scroll text for longer passages.
      1. Title Screen-1-5 Words. $2.95
      2. Text/Title Screen (6+ Words), Text over Footage. $4.95/10 Words
      3. Scrolling Text or other Special Effects. $90.00/hour editing time

    • Mixed Media Editing- Combine photographs with video footage for a stunning production. See our Photographs and DVD Slideshow pages for more information on these services. Transfer cost + $1.95/image


    Don't like that parade in the middle of your summer vacation footage? We can edit it out.

    Playable disc video orders come with footage playing unedited, beginning to end. Above and beyond this, any editing is possible to create the perfect final presentation of your video footage. Editing is billed at $90.00/hour.

    Common editing requests include:

    • Cut and/or rearrange select scenes.
    • Remove bad quality footage - we'll carefully remove blank, poor-quality and/or monotonous footage.
    • Create a Highlight DVD with "best of" footage.
    Preview your footage to determine edits or take advantage of our experienced editors to decide on edits for you:
    • Preview Onsite - Preview your footage onsite using our client workstation. Our editing software makes it quick and easy to review your footage. First hour $29.95, Additional hours $14.95/hour
    • Full Editing Service - Using our best judgement from years of experience, we'll edit your footage to your specifications. $90.00/hour editing time

    Do you want to edit your films yourself? Purchase full-quality digital files of your footage for "do-it-yourself" editing on your computer. Consider our playable disc plus a digital files package for a great value


    Don't know what is on your video tapes or how to put them in order on your disc? Let us help with one of these options:

    • Preview Onsite - Preview your footage onsite using our client workstation. Our editing software makes it quick and easy to review your footage. First hour $29.95, Additional hours $14.95/hour

    • Note: An onsite preview happens after we digitize your videos, but before we create playable discs, and is in addition to the costs of digitizing the footage. There is no charge to reorder entire tapes into the correct sequence for the final cut, nor to title the tapes correctly on a purchased menu, but reordering within tapes and other custom editing is billed at $90/hour editing time.

    • Full Organizing Service - Using our best judgement from years of experience, we'll organize your footage for you (chronologically or by subject/event). $90.00/hour editing time


    DVDs are a great way to share your movies with friends and family.

    • Copies- Starting at only $19.95/disc, copies make great gifts. Need several? Ask about our discounts for 4 or more.
    • Copy Set (multiple disc original set)- Starting at only $14.95/disc with discounts for 4 or more.
    • Frame Shots as JPEGs- Surprise Grandma with a print from your video footage. Just $9.95 for digital image files of any frame from your footage.


    Preserve - Ensure your digital files stay safe for generations of viewing.

    • Gold DVD Archive Copy $14.95 additional/disc
      • We stand by the discs we use as being high-quality everyday discs. But for archiving, Gold Archive Grade DVDs are the preferred media. Gold DVDs use 24 karat gold as the reflective layer, offering exceptional longevity and durability. Aging tests show Gold DVDs can be used as reliable storage media for more than 300 years.
      • Enjoy your original and store your Gold DVD archive copy in a safety deposit box or other safe place.
    • Full-quality digital files of your footage- Full quality, uncompressed files are one of the best ways to preserve your footage for the long run. Consider our playable disc plus digital files package for a great value.

    Storage Options

    What type of media would you like your digital files on?

    • Standard-Definition playable DVD order- Regular DVD or Gold Archival DVD (Gold is $9.95 additional disc)
    • High-Definition playable disc order- Regular Blu-Ray or Gold Archival Blu-Ray disc (Gold is $14.95/ additional disc)
    • Full-quality digital files (unedited)-500 GB external hard-drive ($85.00) or 1 TB external hard-drive ($125.00)
    • "Best" and "Wow" packages include both playable discs on gold media and full-quality digital files-choose 500 GB external hard-drive ($85.00) or 1 TB external hard-drive ($125.00)

    What Our Clients Say

    • I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the great job you did with our family movies. I was just in NJ and we were able to view a lot of the movies together as a family. We all enjoyed seeing our loved ones come alive again. Thanks for doing such a great job of bringing that back to us!
      Chris Lefrancois, Niwot, Colorado
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