Scan Your Photos and Slides to Digital!

Prints, Slides, Negatives, Albums & Scrapbooks

How long has it been since you got out your projector and screen to see your slides? Or dug out that old box of family photos?

Our photo scanning and slide scanning services help you preserve and share these family treasures. Once your photographs are in a digital format, you can view them with little more effort than the press of a button.

Our professional equipment and software, along with our experienced technicians, ensure your digital images will match or exceed the quality of the original media, and give you a world of options for easy viewing, reprinting, editing and archiving.

Photograph Pricing

Scanning from $0.33 per image

"Scan Only" Service

Loose Prints 300 dpi -   $0.39/ image
35mm Slides 1250 dpi -   $0.49/ image
35mm Negatives 1500 dpi -   $ 2.99/ 1-4 image strip

5% discount over 250 images
10% discount over 500 images
15% discount over 1,000 images

Complete Pricing and Packages PDF

What's Included

Choose between three levels of service:

  • Meeting with you to discuss the details of your project. If you've mailed your material, we'll call you for details.
  • Dusting & Scanning your images to create excellent quality digital replicas of the original images.
  • Read about scanning resolution and file formats.

    Read why our scanning is superior to what other companies offer.

  • One original copy of your image files on a data CD or DVD

  • Applying professional photo imaging work to each individual scan, ensuring color, exposure and overall quality match or exceed that of the original.* We also rotate images to the correct orientation and crop to the image border.
  • Read why our image correction is superior to what other companies offer
*Please note: this level of imaging work does not included restoring and/or repairing damage to the originals, with the exception that color and exposure issues associated with normal photo fading are almost always corrected unless color/exposure distortion is extreme. Digital restoration and repair is available and is billed at $90/hour of editing time, pro-rated

  • Creating a basic digital slideshow of your images with smooth fade transitions between images and an opening text screen with a title of your choice
  • Designing Artwork for your disc and case label with a photo and title of your choice. View a Sample
  • One Original Copy of your digital slideshow on a playable DVD.

Your original materials are returned to you with your finished project. All work is done by our professionally trained staff in our studio, and the originals do not leave our site.

Formats We Accept

  • Prints
  • Slides
  • Negatives
  • Digital Images
  • Albums & Scrapbooks
  • Other Print Memorabilia

Preparing Your material

  1. Select the prints, slides, negatives, album pages and other memorabilia you would like in your project.
  2. Organize the originals into order by date, subject or any other order you prefer. Click here if you need help organizing
  3. If order is critical, such as in a slideshow production, number your photos on the back.
  4. Click here if you need help numbering
  5. Select a title for your disc(s). "Richards Family Memories", "Smith Family Slides 1964-1975" are a couple of examples.
  6. If you'd like a menu or music added to a digital slideshow, select songs and choose chapter titles. Our basic menu price includes up to 6 chapters with short titles (e.g. Hawaii 1969, Christmas 1975,etc).
  7. Decide other options to enhance your photos and slideshow.
  8. For slideshow productions, select a picture for the cover and disc.
  9. Think about how many copies you'll need. At a minimum, we recommend purchasing an archive copy on Gold disc that can be stored for safe keeping.
  10. Call us, visit us in our Boulder store or our Lone Tree store, or click here to order by online (coming soon).

Photos Basic & Advanced Imaging Work

We take pride in ensuring you get the best possible digital replica of your original photo. Our advanced imaging services offer the opportunity to improve the digital version of the original image.

Restoration & Repair

A Sample of Our Basic Imaging Service

See the Difference ICE Technology Makes for Slides

Photos Additional Options

With our experience and your creativity, the sky's the limit in creating the production you envision. We can organize, edit or enhance your collection of photos, and offer several options that make it easy to share and enjoy your images.


Restore & improve your photos with our advanced imaging services.

While the professional imaging work included in our Scan + Imaging level of service makes a major improvement to most images, we offer specialized photo editing to fix anything from red eye to physical damage like cracks & tears. Advanced Imaging is billed at $90.00/hour.

  • Exposure Correction - We can lighten or darken images, revealing details you've never seen. View the difference
  • Color Correction - If needed, your photo color can be restored or optimized. We can also colorize black and white images and add tint or sepia tone.
  • Photo Restoration - Our expert staff can repair cracks and tears, scratches, discoloration, water damage, mold damage and other blemishes on your photos to restore them to their original glory. View Samples
  • Specialty Cropping - We can crop your photo to better highlight the main subject or perform specialty cropping on odd shaped images.
  • Other Enhancements & Alterations - At your request, we can change a photo's appearance, remove individuals and objects, make collages from multiple images and more. Just ask and we can do it!

Enhance your digital slideshow by adding music, text, a menu, special effects, and more...

Add music to your slideshow. Choose from the following options:

  • Music from our royalty-free library $14.95/hour
  • Music from your original retail CDs $9.95/song
  • Music purchased for you from the internet $12.95/song
  • Don't know what music would suit your production? We can select and recommend songs $90.00/hour of editing time
  • Narration - Have Grandpa narrate your photos and we'll synchronize the recording with your production. Borrow our digital audio recorder, record in our studio, or provide your own recording. $90.00/hour of editing time

Your production comes including an opening text screen with a title of your choice. Add title screens to introduce sections or chapters, text on images to highlight details or explain an image, or a text screen with closing words at the end of your production. And, just like a Hollywood movie, we can scroll text for longer passages.

  • Title Screen-1-5 Words. $2.95
  • Text/Title Screen (6+ Words), Text over Footage. $4.95/10 Words
  • Scrolling Text or other Special Effects. $90.00/hour editing time

Jump from a child's first steps to their graduation with the press of a button. A menu is a navigation tool at the beginning of a disc that lets you jump right to the start of a section or group of photos. The chapters are also used as a table of contents on the back cover of the disc case (there is not text in the footage). Use chapters to clearly organize your photos into groups by date, event or other criteria.

  • Basic Menu (6 Chapters) - Press play to watch your slideshow start to finish, or navigate by chapter to groups of photos. Included are up to 6 chapters with short titles (e.g. Hawaii 1995, Christmas 1999, etc.). $14.95, additional chapters $2.95ea
  • Press Play Landing Screen - Don't need a searchable menu but would like a landing screen to introduce your production before you "press play" to view the show? This inexpensive option is a nice way to dress-up your production and keep the production from starting before you are ready. $9.95
  • Loop - Would you like your slideshow to loop (automatically replay when it gets to the end) so you don't have to keep pressing play during your event? If so, choose this option, but keep in mind that we cannot loop a production with a menu or press play landing screen. $14.95/playable disc project

Included in the price, your slideshow images will appear still on the screen, with smooth fade transitions between images. If you'd prefer, we can add custom effects or custom transitions to enhance the presentation of your photos in your slideshow.

  • Motion Effect - Our most popular effect, the motion effect brings your images to life. We'll use our judgment to pan across your pictures, zoom in or out on the subject, highlight a particular detail in a photo and more. Add this effect to just a few pictures or your entire production. $0.45/image
  • Custom Transitions - Your slideshow includes smooth fade transitions between images, but you can have us add premium effects such as wipes and spins to jazz-up the presentation and add interest to your show. $0.75/image, must add to all images in the production
  • Other Special Effects - Have a Hollywood-style effect in mind? We can do it. $90.00/hour of editing time

  • Mixed Media Editing - Combine movie footage with your photographs for a stunning production. See our Video and Movie Film pages for more information on these services. Transfer cost + $9.95/clip
  • High Definition - Show your images in full resolution by upgrading to a high-definition production on Blu-Ray disc or HD MP4 $0.30/image, all images, $30 minimum


Need help organizing and putting your photographs in order?

If you've organized and arranged your images in a particular order before bringing them in, we'll do our best to keep them i order and present the digital images in the same fashion. Numbering the originals will help us guarantee the digital files will be organized just the way you want.

If you need help organizing your photographs, here are some options to consider

  • Proof Sheets- Preview your images on printed proof sheets with 35 thumbnails per sheet. The perfect solution for difficult-to-view slides and negatives, our proof sheets make organizing easy. Simply write on the proof sheet to indicate the order and note any other changes or edits.
  • On-Site Preview- Our photo organizing software makes it quick and easy to put images in order and save them with new file names that will preserve the correct order.
  • Data Discs- If we are producing a slideshow of your images, you might want a preview disc of the scanned images for organizing purposes. Once the files are on your computer, you can rename them into the correct order (we can show you how to do this when you pick-up your discs), make any deletions, and then return with a set of images in the new, correct order or with instructions for us to reorder them for you.
  • Full Organizing Service - Using our best judgement from years of experience, we'll organize your photographs for you (chronologically or by subject/event).
  • Random Order- Would you like your images randomized so they don't appear in any particular order? We can easily create a random file order.


Want the opportunity to preview your slideshow production and make changes before the event?

  • Preview Onsite- Preview your finished slideshow onsite using our client workstation. No Charge
  • Online Preview- We can email you a link to view a compressed version of your slideshow online. $14.95/file/upload
  • Editing- Forgot a picture of Grandma Jane? Add, rearrange or make other changes to your slideshow after previewing your production $90.00/hour editing time


DVDs are a great way to share your photos with friends and family.

  • Playable DVD Copies- Starting at only $19.95/disc , copies make great gifts. Need several? Ask about our discounts for 4 or more or for sets of multiple discs.
  • Playable Blu-Ray copies- Starting at only $29.95/disc , copies make great gifts. Need several? Ask about our discounts for 4 or more or for sets of multiple discs.
  • Data Disc Copies- Starting at only $9.95/disc , data disc copies make great gifts. Need several? Ask about our discounts for 4 or more or for sets of multiple discs.
  • Prints- Ask us for prices to print any of our images.


Ensure your digital files stay safe for generations of viewing.

Upgrade to Gold Archive Discs

  • Gold Archive Discs $14.95 additional/Gold DVD/CD, $14.95 additional/Gold BR disc
    • We stand by the discs we use as being high-quality everyday discs. But for archiving, Gold Archive Grade discs are the preferred media. Gold Media use 24 karat gold as the reflective layer, offering exceptional longevity and durability. Aging tests show Gold discs can be used as reliable storage media for more than 300 years.
    • Enjoy your original and store your Gold archive copy in a safety deposit box or other safe place.

Digital Images

Digital cameras make it easy to take lots of great pictures, and it is easy to share them instantly online, but when was the last time you looked at your pictures from a year ago or sat down on the couch to share them with a friend?

Putting your digital images on DVD has the benefits of archiving your images and making them easier to share with friends and family anytime you want to relive your memories. For more information on putting your digital images into a DVD Slideshow, click here then click 'Enhance' in the left menu.

Storage Options

What type of media would you like your digital files on?

  • SD playable DVD order- Regular DVD or Gold Archival DVD (Gold is $9.95 additional disc)
  • HD playable disc order- Regular Blu-Ray or Gold Archival Blu-Ray disc (Gold is $14.95/ additional disc)
  • Full-quality digital files (unedited)-Offer options based on the inputs from above, using calculations to estimate storage requirement? Or simply offer 500 GB external hard-drive ($85.00) or 1 TB external hard-drive ($125.00)
  • SD playable DVD order and full-quality digital files- Includes Gold Archival DVD, choose 500 GB external hard-drive ($85.00) or 1 TB external hard-drive ($125.00)
  • HD playable DVD order and full-quality digital files-Includes Gold Archival BR disc, choose 500 GB external hard-drive ($85.00) or 1 TB external hard-drive ($125.00)

What Our Clients Say

Here is what people are saying about our Photograph services.

  • When MemoryWise made my DVD, putting my photos in a slideshow with music, I was so pleased with the results. It's a wonderful way to view photos and I know my pictures will be well preserved for years to come.
    Della Villano, Westminster, Colorado
  • I just wanted to thank you for putting together our wedding photo DVD, it came out beautifully! We are so thrilled with the entire thing and we both cried watching it. I just want to let you know that you helped make our wedding experience much nicer. I will definitely be referring people to you for future needs as well as using you to help us get our wedding photos onto DVD when we get back from our honeymoon. Again, words can't describe how happy we are with the outcome of this DVD. Great job and we will be in touch.
    Shana Corbin, Longmont, Colorado
  • Just a note to thank you for the wonderful job you did helping us capture Kaitlyn's childhood on the DVD. Your editing help made it a truly spectacular memento for her graduation - people couldn't stop watching it at the party. Through the process it was evident that you really care about the projects you do and we appreciate the work you did for our family.
    Caryn & Rick Ellison, Boulder, Colorado
  • I had been trying for months to organize old home movies, slides, old black & whites and colored photos. I saw MemoryWise's ad and took a box full down to them. They were so helpful and had such great ideas. I gave the DVDs to my grown children. The girls cried and the boys said "awesome". Thank you MemoryWise for an "awesome" job well done.
    Pat Stultz, Longmont, CO
  • OK, I can't believe I'm just now telling you how fabulous the DVD came out! My only excuse is the holidays were so crazy, I couldn't keep my head on straight... Anyway, I sent the DVDs to NY for holiday gifts, but didn't watch my copy until this weekend. I love how the music and editing and subtitles came out. You did such a great job. Hopefully my dad will find the rest and I will send you more.
    Amy Shulman, Chicago, IL
  • Out of all the projects you have done for us, I think our favorite was the DVD slideshow we had done of the past thirty years of our lives together. It was so memorable, and is invaluable to us.
    Robert and Wendy Shinazy, Windsor, Colorado
  • When MemoryWise made my DVD, putting my photos in a slideshow with music, I was so pleased with the results. It's a wonderful way to view photos and I know my pictures will be well preserved for years to come.
    Della Villano, Westminster, Colorado
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