Our Story

MemoryWise - with two stores under the MemoryWise brand and two stores under the Memories to Digital brand - is a Colorado-based company dedicated to making memories lasting and convenient to enjoy.

Since our founding in 2003 - when our own families were struggling to find a company they trusted to transfer their home movies and slides - our vision has been to offer an alternative to faceless mail-away and drop-box services. We wanted a place where you can talk to a friendly, knowledgeable person about your project and have it put together exactly the way you envision.

When you work with our team, you can be assured we'll treat your memories as if they're our own. Your originals are kept safe throughout the process. Our expert staff uses state-of-the-art technology, and four levels of quality checks, to ensure the best possible digital production. And we pride ourselves in providing a level of personal, custom service that others can't touch.

Come in today! We look forward to working with you!

We Treat Your Memories As If They're Our Own

We take it seriously to take good care of your originals while we have them in our possession. We do all the work ourselves on-site in our MemoryWise (and Memories to Digital) stores. We keep your media in its own labeled container and track it carefully through each step of the digitization process. When your project is complete, you get your originals back in exactly the same condition you brought them in to us (usually cleaner!).

Our level of service is unique. When you come into a store, one of our expert staff will meet with you to discuss the details of your project. Those same details and the quality of our work are carefully tended to through every step of our production process. Our staff takes to heart our motto "Treat every project as if it's your own" and will go the extra mile to ensure everything turns out just the way you wanted.

We're not a cookie-cutter operation. All of the projects we produce are customized for each client. Our goal is to put your project together to meet your specific needs and provide the final product you envision.

MW Meet Our Team

At MemoryWise, we have a passion for media and memories, and we're sticklers for getting things right. We look forward to meeting you!

Eric Scherer


In the spring of 2003, Eric’s parents and in-laws asked, “Where in the world would we go to preserve our slides and Super 8 film?” Discovering there were no great options for them, Eric drew on his engineering and computing background to found Memories to Digital (now MemoryWise)–-a place where people could confidently bring their old analog media for preservation to DVD or other digital formats. From the beginning, Eric worked closely with his clients to make sure they felt comfortable with the process and were getting exactly what they envisioned. Today, MemoryWise is one of the most experienced digitization companies in the country and also offers special event videos, slideshows, sports recruiting presentations and more. Every job is still custom-made for each client, and our motto remains: “We treat your memories as if they're our own.”

Gwen Scherer


Gwen Scherer - food marketer gone techie - joined Eric in bringing Memories to Digital (now MemoryWise) to retail locations in 2005 and fell in love with the business of helping people rediscover their memories - now in a digital format. "My Dad always said the photograph was one of the most important inventions of his lifetime. The memories we preserve from old photographs, slides, videos, film and audio recordings are a source of important historical, social and personal documentation. It's very rewarding to bring them to life again, and play a role in passing them on to the next generation."

Dave Smart


Dave was born and raised in Santa Clarita, California, and has been shooting film and editing video since high school. Upon graduation, Dave joined the Navy and was assigned to be a lead photojournalist and videographer. Today, when Dave isn’t editing he enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and snowboarding. According to Dave, “Dave is an outstanding guy.” In fact, he may be the most awesome guy you ever meet.

Corey Lucero

Transfer Specialist

Corey has been a valuable member of the MemoryWise team since 2013. When he's not meticulously digitizing media and assisting client's in our Lone Tree location, he's barreling down a mountain road on a freeboard! Stay safe, Corey!

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