Memorial DVDs

Using your choice of photographs, slides or other memorabilia, we will provide you with a lasting, personal tribute on DVD.

Add your loved one's favorite music, or special effects, to make the slideshow even more meaningful.

Memorial Pricing

From $99.00, 24hr turn-around

Silver Tribute -       $99.00
Gold Tribute -       $149.00
Platinum Tribute -  $299.00


Choose the Memorial package that best meets your needs:

Silver Tribute Slideshow [running time: 3-4 minutes] $99.00

  • Up to 25 photographs
  • One song of your choice. Additional songs $20 each.
  • Pan & Zoom special effect on all images. Additional title screens or text are $10.00 each.
Gold Tribute Slideshow [running time: 5-6 minutes] $149.00

  • Up to 50 photographs
  • Two songs of your choice. Additional songs $20 each.
  • Pan & Zoom special effect on all images. Additional title screens or text are $10.00 each.
Platinum Tribute Slideshow [running time: 8-10 minutes] $299.00

  • Up to 100 photographs
  • Pan & Zoom special effect throughout the slideshow or on select images
  • Music of your choice -  up to 4 songs from our library or yours
  • Up to 3 additional title screens  or text additions anywhere within the slideshow

What's Included

What's Included 

  • Meeting with you to discuss the details of your slideshow. If you've mailed your material, we'll call you for details.
  • Cleaning your images with compressed air to remove dust and surface debris.
  • Scanning your images. Included in the prices below, we'll scan any image 8.5x11 or smaller. See our Photographs page for details on our scanning process.
  • Professional imaging work on each individual image to ensure color, exposure & overall quality match or exceed that of the original. Note: we correct each image separately, and do not batch correct images. Read why our image correction is superior to what other companies offer.
  • Creating a DVD Slideshow of your images.
    • Images are on the screen for 7 seconds (variable upon request) with smooth fade transitions between images
    • Each image is cropped to best highlight the subject of the photo
    • Included, we'll add instrumental background music and text of your choice on opening and closing customizable text pages.
    • For a small extra cost you can upgrade to music of your choice, bring your pictures to life with the Pan & Zoom special effect, add title pages or text, or enhance your production with any of our other slideshow options. Click here, then click 'Enhance' in the left menu for more information.
  • Designing custom artwork for your disc and case label with a photo and title of your choice. View a sample
  • One original copy of your image files and slideshow on DVD.

Preparing Your Media

  1. Select the prints, slides, movie & video footage, and other memorabilia you would like in your slideshow.
  2. Organize the originals into slideshow order, by date, subject or any other order you prefer. Click here if you need help organizing.
  3. Number each image once you have all of your images. Use a pencil if possible, no sticky notes please. For mixed-media productions, number each media separately (e.g. photos 1-10, slides 1-25, digital photos 1-15) and once they are scanned we'll work with you to put them in order for your production.
  4. Select a title for your DVD and DVD Slideshow. "In Memory of John Smith", "The Life and Times of Gina Jones" are a couple of examples
  5. Select songs and choose chapter titles if you'd like a menu or music. Our basic menu price includes up to 6 chapters with short titles (e.g. Hawaii 1969, Christmas 1975, etc.).
  6. Decide on other options to enhance your photos and slideshow
  7. Select a picture for the cover and disc.
  8. Decide how many copies you'll need. We recommend purchasing an archive copy on Gold DVD that can be stored for safe keeping.
  9. Call us, visit our Boulder or Lone Tree location, or click here to order by mail/email.

What Our Clients Say

  • Thank you so much for all your hard work, good ideas, and understanding. This process (of creating something) has been very healing for me and it has helped me channel my grief into something productive. A million thanks! We'll refer you to all our friends and sing your praises for all you've done for us.
    Jennifer Sardinia, Longmont, Colorado