Path to Ownership

    Still interested? Here’s what's next:

  1. Submit an initial inquiry - If there is availability in your area, we will immediately contact you to talk to you about the MemoryWise opportunity and answer any questions you might have before filling out our application.
  2. Submit our confidential online application - At this step in the process we will verify the information in the application and run background checks.
  3. Complete a phone interview - This discussion with our founders, Gwen & Eric, will also give you an opportunity to ask them questions.
  4. Visit us in Denver - If it feels like a fit on both sides, we’ll invite you to come to the Mile-High City to see our affiliate business, Memories to Digital. While here, you’ll meet our staff and see how it all really works! Importantly, we will disclose our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) during this visit.
  5. Carefully review our FDD
  6. Provide proof of funding
  7. Sign the Franchise Agreement
  8. Begin Training!

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