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Does the MemoryWise opportunity appeal to you? If so, you can use the following questions to assess whether you have what we’re looking for in a candidate:

  • Do you have a demonstrated track-record of success in your career? We’re looking for proven, results-oriented, driven, achievers to lead our franchise businesses.
  • Are you passionate about memories? Are you the keeper of your family's memories? Were you the one who recorded videos of your kids as they grew up? Have you digitized media for your family and friends? Are you into genealogy? We’re looking for people who understand how important family memories are and want to help others by making their memories lasting and convenient to enjoy!
  • Do you like people? We are more of a people business than a tech business; technology is just the tool we use to meet our clients’ needs. Imagine the mom who’s putting a production together for her daughter’s wedding, or the sisters who are chronicling their family history in photos, or the dad who has painstakingly recorded videos of his kids for 20 years… Will you enjoy working with them as much as you like working with computers? Will you be committed to doing whatever it takes to make them happy?
  • Are you a bit of a techie or an enginerd? You can’t succeed in this business without liking technology. You’ll be surrounded by computers, scanners, printers and various other pieces of equipment, computer systems, hardware and software. You’ll need to be as comfortable with technology as you are with people.
  • Are you a first-rate problem-solver? Some people just like to solve problems. They like a challenge and when faced with one, step up rather than get frustrated. We’re looking for those types.
  • Are you picky about details and quality? Do you like things done right? We do. We believe quality lies in the details and in our careful attention to every aspect of a client's project. We want franchisees who are as committed to quality as we are.
  • Do you have the required capital to start and grow your MemoryWise Store? We look for applicants with a minimum net worth of $400,000 and minimum liquid capital of $100,000. You may need additional funds.
  • Can you commit to MemoryWise full-time? While owning your own business gives flexibility, we are still a high-touch business, offering customized projects and personal service. We feel the day-to-day involvement of our franchisees is critical to the success of MemoryWise.
  • Extra points: Are you interested in owning multiple locations? While multi-unit ownership is not mandatory, some things are better in twos or threes. We’re looking for candidates who have the intention of owning multiple locations because we believe scale is an important success factor.

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