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Tech-savvy? Like family memories? Open your own MemoryWise store today and start a rewarding career preserving old and new family memories in lasting and easy-to-enjoy digital formats.

Our Mission

MemoryWise (and Memories to Digital in Colorado) is dedicated to making memories lasting and convenient to enjoy. Since our founding in 2003, we’ve put one simple insight at the center of everything we do:

Memories are unique and precious. People want their memories treated with care and kept safe because there is no way to replace them.

In 2003, our own parents were struggling to find a company they trusted to digitize their home movies and slides. Our vision was to offer an alternative to faceless mail-away and drop-box services. We wanted to create a local company where you could bring your boxes of memories, talk to a friendly, knowledgeable person about your project, and have it put together exactly the way you envision. The concept was an immediate hit.

Join Us in Bringing About the Digital Memories Revolution

We made the decision to franchise MemoryWise because we wanted to give others the same experience we enjoy—an opportunity to work for ourselves and independently make a living, while doing something meaningful. If you choose to join us at MemoryWise, we think you’ll come to realize that this business is special; it’s unique and highly sought-after. The personal interactions with clients as they share their stories and memories make work fun and interesting, and at the end of the day you have the satisfaction that you helped each person with a project that was immeasurably important to them.

The journey of starting MemoryWise and growing the company into a franchise has enriched our lives in so many ways, and has enabled us to enrich the lives of the thousands of clients who entrust us with their memories. We hope that joining us in this journey will similarly enrich your life, and enable you to make a meaningful contribution to your neighbors and community by helping to make their memories lasting and convenient to enjoy!

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