Flood-Damaged Photos: Fox News Features MemoryWise’s Effort to Help Save Flood-Damaged Photos

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Fox News Features MemoryWise’s Effort to Help Save Flood-Damaged Photos:

September was a tumultuous time in the city of Boulder. Floods devastated areas of Colorado, destroying structures, damaging or destroying many priceless and irreplaceable items for the people afflicted.  At MemoryWise (formerly Memories to Digital), we knew that irreplaceable personal media such as photographs, film, VHS were surely being affected by this disaster and decided to make an effort to try and help out the surrounding community as best we could. With our knowledge of the photographic and filmic mediums, as well as our knowledge of the VHS tapes and other magnetic tape, we knew that all hope was not lost to a water damaged media and that we could provide valuable resources and information to curb the loss of these things.

Community Effort

Ourselves, along with other like-minded businesses and people, we set-up Memorabilia Rescue Stations in several places around Colorado where people could use the facilities and receive pertinent advice to save their memorabilia from being lost permanently. Fox news ran a terrific piece to help spread the word about our effort to help save flood-damaged photos and other memorabilia. Click the link to see MemoryWise in the news and learn about our Memory Rescue Centers:


An example of a MemoryWise Flood Rescue center and the procedures used to save a flood-damaged photo and other memorabilia

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