Choose Resolution for Your Photo Scanning Projects It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Pictures tell the story of your life and are unique and special to each owner.  But pictures do fade after time so it may be time for you to take that big box of photos out of

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What is the difference between an MP4, an AVI or MOV File? We are digital media experts At MemoryWise our team is trained to be experts in everything involved in the digitization process. Here is our insight into the difference between MP4, an AVI or MOV files and MP4 files in respect to their advantages

Fox News Features MemoryWise’s Effort to Help Save Flood-Damaged Photos: September was a tumultuous time in the city of Boulder. Floods devastated areas of Colorado, destroying structures, damaging or destroying many priceless and irreplaceable items for the people afflicted.  At MemoryWise (formerly Memories to Digital), we knew that irreplaceable personal media such as photographs, film,