Hear Your Old Recordings Again on CD or as MP3s!

Preserve precious audio recordings of voices from the past. Listen to your favorite old records and cassettes again on your CD or MP3 player.

Our top-of-the-line audio hardware and software, plus our in-house audio expertise, enable us to create high quality digital reproductions of your original recordings.

Once we have a digital file, we can improve the original sound quality and restore damaged or degraded audio.

Audio Pricing

Cassettes (any) - $9.95 per side

Vinyl Records - $14.95 per side
78 Records (difficult) - $90.00 per hour editing time

Reel-to-Reel - $29.95 per reel/track
Reel-to-Reel - track check - $9.95 per reel/track

8-Track Cartridges - $29.95 each

Audio Samples

A Sample audio track from one of our clients oral story projects

Rulla, John_Cassette_T1SB

Accepted Formats

Formats we accept: (professional and home recordings)

  • Records - All sizes and speeds; vinyl, shellac, acetate, celluloid, flexible plastic
  • Reel-to-Reel audio tape
  • Stereo 8 - 8-Track cartridges
  • Cassette tapes - Standard (compact), mini, micro & digital

What's Included

  • Meeting with you to discuss the details of your project. If you've mailed your material, we'll call you for details.
  • Cleaning your records to remove dust & debris that builds up over time.
  • Read more about our record cleaning process
    • Transferring your recording beginning to end, as one long track per side, using top-of-the-line audio equipment and software.
    • Read why our transfer process is the best way to capture your recordings.
    • Monitoring sound quality from start to finish.
    • Creating your playable CD or MP3s. Using professional editing software, we:
      • Remove silence at the beginning and end of the recording
      • Filter to remove minor pops and hiss
    • One original copy of your project on CD or DVD (MP3 only) printed with a title of your choice in a CD jewel case.
    • Read about file formats and media options.

    Your original materials are returned to you with your finished product. All audio work is done by our professionally trained staff in our studio, and the originals do not leave our site. We strictly observe copyright laws.

Preparing Your Material

  1. Select the audio recordings you would like digitized.
  2. Organize the originals into order, by date, subject or any other order you prefer. Click here if you need help organizing.
  3. Number each original to help us keep them in order. Use a pencil or sticky notes. Do not use ink or marker.
  4. Select a title for each of your originals.
  5. Decide on other options to edit and enhance your recordings.
  6. Think about how many copies you'll need.
  7. Copyright laws do apply. At a minimum, we recommend purchasing an archive copy on Gold DVD that can be stored for safe keeping.
  8. Call us, visit our Boulder or Lone Tree location, or click here to order by mail/email.

Audio Convert Your CDs!

Have tons of CDs? Wish that music was available to listen to on your computer or in your mobile MP3 player? We can help! Allow us to convert your CD’s to MP3 format. We can put up to 50 CDs worth of music on 1 data disc!


Are all the tracks you want to hear on different source recordings? Don't know what's on your original media?

  • Rough-Cut CD - Listen to your unknown recordings on a rough-cut CD before we create your final recording. No charge to reorder or delete tracks for the final cut. First hour $29.95, Additional hours $9.95/hour
  • Combining and Reordering Tracks - Your original recordings (as entire sides, reels or cartridges) can be easily combined in the order you designate onto one CD or DVD to fill the media (up to 80 minutes of .wav files will fit on a CD). For an additional editing cost, selections from within your original recordings can also be individually captured, and combined or rearranged in a different order, on your final CD or DVD. $90.00/hour


Would you like your original audio file broken into individual tracks, or sections of your original deleted?

Most editing is billed at $90.00/hour. Call for an estimate to:

  • Separate Tracks - All audio media is captured as one long track per side (or per track from reel-to-reel tapes). If you'd like individual songs or sections of your recording saved as separate audio files, or as separate audio tracks on your playable CD, we can easily do that for you.
  • Remove sections from your original


Our audio technicians can make dramatic improvements to original sound quality and restore damaged or degraded audio, transforming garbled hiss into the sounds of Grandpa's storytelling and children singing.

Cleaning records well, using top-of-the-line audio hardware and software, and keeping our equipment clean and well-maintained, enables us to create the best digital reproduction of your original recordings possible. But in the case of scratches & grooves, degraded tape, or poor original sound quality, it's often necessary to enhance the sound quality digitally. Let us know if you'd like copies of both the edited and unedited versions.

Most audio enhancement and sound cleaning is billed at $90.00/hour. Call for an estimate to:
  • Remove pronounced "snap, crackle & pop" or hiss from your recordings
  • Reduce sound damage from extensive play & scratches and/or other unwanted noise specific to your recording.
  • Normalize unusually high or low volume
Other options to enhance your disc include:
  • Cover Artwork - add an exact replica of original cover artwork to the case cover. $19.95/side
  • Disc Face Artwork - want the cover art printed on the disc? We can add it. $9.95
  • Track Listing on Disc Face - add track listings to the disc face. $9.95/12 tracks


Now that your precious home recordings are digital, let everybody listen!

Duplicates are available for home recordings and non-copyright protected material only!

  • Copies - At only $9.95/disc, copies make great gifts. Need several? Ask about our discounts for 4 or more.
  • Copy Set (multiple disc original set) - $7.95/disc with discounts for 4 or more.
  • Your new digital audio can be placed in nearly every format from .mp3, .wav, .wma, or simply put on an audio CD.
  • Get multiple formats so you can listen in your car stereo or on your portable music player.


Keep your sounds safe for generations.

  • Gold DVD/CD Archive Copy $9.95 additional/disc
  • We stand by the discs we use as being high-quality everyday discs. But for archiving, Gold Archive Grade DVDs and CDs are the preferred media. Gold DVDs can be used as reliable storage media for more than 300 years and Gold CDs for 100 years.
  • Enjoy your original and store your Gold DVD/CD archive copy in a safety deposit box or other safe place

Audio Testimonials

Hear how awesome we are with audio!

  • Thank you so much for all your hard work, good ideas, and understanding. This process (of creating something) has been very healing for me and it has helped me channel my grief into something productive. A million thanks! We'll refer you to all our friends and sing your praises for all you've done for us.
    Jennifer Sardinia, Longmont, Colorado
  • Hi guys - Just a short note to say "Thanks" for doing such a nice job putting our film, slides and tapes onto DVDs. I never thought they would turn out so well. I appreciate all the work you put into determining appropriate chapters and DVD covers. I gave you a memory "hodge podge" and you made it into an organized set of memories. And the digital quality was much higher than I had expected. The kids loved it. Take care and best wishes to you.
    Arlen Morgan, Boulder, CO
  • Just a note to thank you for the wonderful job you did helping us capture Kaitlyn's childhood on the DVD. Your editing help made it a truly spectacular memento for her graduation - people couldn't stop watching it at the party. Through the process it was evident that you really care about the projects you do and we appreciate the work you did for our family.
    Caryn & Rick Ellison, Boulder, Colorado